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The objective of “Global Network for Progress, Inc” is to enhance the quality of life of underprivileged children by providing them with the necessary education, nutrition and means for economic empowerment. This will allow them to play an important role in building their communities and educating the next generation. The organization firmly believes that a sound education is indispensable for acquiring the skills necessary for nation building: developing and incorporating new technology; advancing science in healthcare, medicine, agriculture, education, industry, transportation, etc. Our motivation is based on the following motto “Silver and Gold will decay but a sound education will never vanish away”.

GNP Charity's Schools

Pestel, the Jewel of the Department of Grand’Anse, Haiti Mostly known as the birthplace of the late president Daniel Fignolé, the small village of Pestel is located some forty kilometers east of Jérémie, Capital of the Department of Grand’Anse on the western side of the island. Pestel was founded by the French colonizers and was named after one of the founders, Pascal Pestel.  Pestel remains one of the most beautiful and captivating village of the country. Its charm begins with its magnificent location as it is safely nested on the northern coastline of the Atlantic Ocean protected by the neighborhood islands of “Iles Cayemittes” on the sea side and on the east by the peninsula of “Bec A Marsouin” extending easterly into the sea leaving a small passageway known as the Bay of Cayemittes. To reach Pestel by sea from Port-au-Prince, chattered boats are available for tours.   

Allaire, Verrettes Allaire is located in the Artibonite department of Haiti. It is the second communal section located 3 miles west of Verrettes in the arrondissement of St.Marc. The Commune of Verrettes is also known as the birthplace of the late president Dumarsais Estimé.  During his presidency, he made great efforts to modernize the commune of Verrettes by constructing the water distribution system of “Bassin Vincent”, building streets with sidewalks, and a modern sewer system.  Unfortunately, subsequent governments abandoned this urbanization work, as the pavement of the streets was not completed.  At Verrettes “l’Eglise de la Nativité”(Church of Nativity) is still one of the largest churches of the country.    

The Reality That GNP Faces Throughout Haiti, thousands of children remain out of school. They run the streets begging for money; looking for a way to make a few cents for the next meal. These children don’t have the resources and opportunities to attend school as children do in America and elsewhere. Within middle class and poor Haitian families, difficult and alarming decisions are made each day regarding which child gets a chance for a basic education and which one doesn’t. The public schools, where available, turn away thousands of students everyday due to lack of space and resources to educate them.

The parents of these children are often poor, desperate, and illiterate. They have to choose between feeding the family or paying tuition to educate one child. The decisions that parents often make is obvious – feed the family first, provide basic shelter, then do the best to provide clothing, whenever possible. In every society, parents want the best for their children. In Haiti, Poor families generally view education as a passport out of poverty. Parents know the value of a solid education. Therefore, the limited opportunities for an education for most children are difficult terms for parents to accept. Those of us, who have been exposed to living in Haiti (a country with an illiteracy rate of over 60%), know that education always comes last and is a luxury since most parents cannot afford it. The desperate children, struggling to survive on a daily basis, become the illiterate parents of tomorrow, unable to help themselves or their children; and the cycle continues from one generation to the next.

Our Accomplishments To-date: Founding of Two Schools - The organization, Global Network for Progress, Inc., has established elementary schools called “The Good Samaritan School” branched two cities in Haiti. The first one was created on March 5, 2003 in the village of Pestel (located 40 km East of Jeremie, the capital of the department of Grand’Anse). The second school started on September 8, 2003 in Allaire (a suburb of Verettes in the department of Artibonite).   Both schools started with the model of: one hundred registered students, a staff of three teachers, one director, and one administrator.

There were four classes – Pre-Kindergarten through third grade. Today, all together, we are up to the sixth grade level with a staff of 12 teachers, a student body of more than 400 students, two directors and two administrators. We have made process! Progress that we gladly share with the communities there and our supporters here; both schools follow the Haitian Board of Education curriculum. We are trying to make a difference one child at a time.    The proposed project for the "Good Samaritan school of Allaire, Verrettes 

A) Critical issues in our "Good Samaritan Schools" There are several critical issues related to fundamental necessities like potable water and sanitation, nutrition, classroom space, electricity, etc. that must be resolved in both schools (Pestel and Allaire) as soon as it is financially feasible.  If these problems are not solved in a timely manner, they will severely impact the lives of the students and definitely inhibit the learning process. We are requesting your continued financial support mainly to build the “Good Samaritan School of Allaire, Verrettes and solve some of the most urgent isssues.  

B) Acknowledgement and Thanks Global Network receives strong support from many Caribbean and US nationals. We find it exciting and surprising that such a broad cross section of individuals works together for the common goal of providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children in Haiti.  On behalf of these children, we would like to thank you all.  

GNP in partnership with the HIT After the devastating on Tuesday January 12, 2010 earthquake the Global Network for Progress in partnership with the Haitian In Transit have created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Haiti. To provide support to earthquake victims & their families, and long term assistance in creating new school facilities where needed in Haiti.  

GNP Started a new construction of an elementary schools in Allaire (a suburb of Verettes in the department of Artibonite) that will elevated and strengthen the much needed educational capacity/assistance to the resilience families and children of these areas.

Good Samaritain School of Allaire

Dimension for 1 Unit: 27’ X 64’

Classroom: 20’ X 20’   Make a Donation