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Pierre Syldor, President

Our Mission:  To enhance the quality of life of underprivileged Haitian children in Haiti whose parents cannot afford to provide them with the necessary education and skills that will enable them to become self-sufficient as tomorrow’s citizens capable of building stronger communities, developing better interactions for fair exchanges and wealth sharing.


About GNP Charity

How Global Network for Progress, Inc. (GNP) Got Started Global Network for Progress, Inc. was formed by the current Chairman of the organization, Odelin Francois.  During an annual visit to his homeland Pestel, Haiti, an old reality became new to him: Kids were running the streets with no school to go to. Upon his return to the US, he gathered friends and colleagues within the New York City Transit and clearly informed them about issues like poverty, lack of education, electricity and sanitary/potable water, etc. that children in his native town of Pestel were confronting. His action spawned the establishment of the organization called “Global Network For Progress, Inc.”

In March of 2003, the organization, Global Network for Progress, Inc. became a legal entity. A year later the organization formally received the 501(C)3 status to operate as a not-for-profit.

A little initiative really has gone a long way. That’s why we encourage all our contributors to let us know about schools in their home countries that are in need of help. We are eager to expand our mission and assist more children.


           For more information contact us at:  info@gnpcharity.org

           For donation information contact us at: donation@gnpcharity.org

           General information: globnetworx@yahoo.com

          Together We Can Make A Difference

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